Being a Dental Student – Kieron Taylor

Kieron Taylor at Mark Tangri

My name is Kieron Taylor and I am a third year dental student at University of Liverpool. This week I am writing and sharing this blog post to share my work experience at my Mark Tangri Dental Excellence

As a third-year dental student in the UK, I am constantly seeking ways to improve my skills and knowledge. While academic learning is essential, and we cover a lot, there is no substitute for practical experience and real-world advice. That is why learning from experienced dental surgeons has been such a valuable part of my education.

Biggest benefits of learning as a dental student

One of the biggest benefits of learning from trained dental specialists is the ability to observe their techniques, both clinical, interpersonal and social interactions with patients. It is one thing to read about how to perform a specific procedure, but it is another thing entirely to watch a seasoned professional carry out the task with skill and efficiency. Seeing the methods they use for both treatment and patient management has helped me. For example, one of the little things is being able to better understand the nuances of the profession. It’s has also allowed me to develop a more comprehensive understanding of dental care first hand.

This has been an excellent way to put my academic learning into practice and to develop my skills in a real-world setting. The guidance and feedback I have received from these professionals have been instrumental in my development as a dental student.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of learning from practicing dentists is the opportunity to learn from their experiences. Dental care is a complex field, and there are many nuances that can only be learned when you see them. The advice and guidance of allowed me to learn from their vast experiences and avoid common mistakes. Even something as simple as remembering to always use their first name to build and establish rapport.

In conclusion, practical learning in the clinic has played an essential part of my education as a third-year dental student in the UK. It has colours in between the lines of my education. Their guidance, mentorship, and real-world experience have been invaluable to my development as a future dental professional. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from these experts and am eager to continue developing my skills and knowledge under their mentorship.