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The truth about sugar and your teeth
Sugar is a staple in many of our favourite foods and drinks. And it’s no secret that it can wreak havoc on our teeth
Tooth Decay is a Leading Cause of Concern for Children in the UK
Tooth decay is a problem particularly acute among children from deprived backgrounds, who are more likely to experience tooth decay due to poor oral
The effects of stress on your oral health and how to manage it
Stress is an inevitable part of life, and we all experience it at some point. However, prolonged or chronic stress can have significant effects
From Dentures to a Perfect Smile: How Our Practice Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
Are you tired of the hassle and discomfort of wearing dentures? Do you long for a permanent, fixed solution for your missing teeth? Look
Being a Dental Student – Kieron Taylor
My name is Kieron Taylor and I am a third year dental student at University of Liverpool. This week I am writing and sharing
Fellowship Award from the Royal College of Surgeons
Congratulations to Mark on receiving a fellowship award from the Royal College of Surgeons in periodontology and implant dentistry! A few weeks ago, our
Dangers of Do-it-Yourself Dentistry
DIY or Do-It-Yourself dentistry is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, but it poses a serious risk to dental health. With our practice just
What is chronic periodontal disease?
Periodontitis disease, also called gum disease, is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue. Without treatment, it can destroy not only the
The association between Periodontitis and Osteoporosis 
It is more than a century that the idea of a possible connection between the mouth and the rest of the body first appeared
Gum disease and arthritis 
Scientists have long been aware of a connection between gum disease and systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. A new growing body
The link between gum disease and obesity 
Along with being associated with heart disease, diabetes, and even increased mortality, obesity is also associated with periodontal disease. The link between gum disease
Dental Trauma
Dentists treat all kinds of tooth problems, and your dentist will probably be your first point of call after sustaining any sort of trauma.
Managing toothache at home
Toothache can be an incredibly uncomfortable and distressing experience. While it’s essential to consult a dentist for proper diagnosis and treatment, there are steps
Diabetes and Gum Disease
Gum disease: did you know that there is estimated to be over 4 million people living with diabetes in the UK at present. This
Effective prevention of Periodontal diseases
Bleeding gums are not a natural sign and generally indicate poor gum health. This may manifest as blood in your saliva when brushing teeth
Look after your teeth at Christmas
Now, we’re not one to kill your festive cheer or put a dampener on the incoming Christmas party season, but it would seem putting
Spotting mouth cancer in the early stages
Whilst your dental practitioner will check your mouth thoroughly at each appointment, spotting mouth cancer in the early stages is very important and you
The Symptoms of Mouth Cancer
As part of Mouth Cancer Action Month, we are looking at the symptoms of mouth cancer and what you can do to help your dentist
Causes of mouth cancer
November is Mouth Cancer Action Month and here in the first of a series of articles we look at the causes of mouth cancer.
Research shows risks to children’s oral health
Research conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons has shown that there is still work to be done around children’s oral health in the
Summer Oral Health
As the heat rises and we protect our skin with sun cream, we must make sure we add our summer oral health into the
The growing trend of DIY Dentistry
DIY dentistry has been a growing trend as kits have been flooding onto the market for a few years, giving the ability to whiten
Which foods are good for your teeth?
Many foods and beverages cause damage to our teeth without us even realising, whether it be from high acidity, sugar or from pigments in
The Dangers of Teeth Whitening Kits
Preventing your teeth from discolouring can be difficult, especially for those who regularly drink coffee, tea, red wine or smoke. To this end teeth