Struggling With Dentures

Wearing a full set of dentures? Hate your dentures? Struggling to eat or taste your food?

Some of the most rewarding and life changing work we do is for people that have complete dentures and are fed up.

People get embarrassed when their teeth are so loose they struggle to eat properly, are fearful of their dentures falling out in public, can not order the food they want to eat, can’t taste their food anymore, find their dentures rub their gums and cause ulcers… these are but a few of the complaints we hear every day from people whom have decided now is the time they deserve better.

Everyone deserves to be able to eat in comfort, smile in confidence and experience no pain. We are here to help make this a reality for everyone. The stories our patients tell us about their experiences before they met us, to how they are now, is a journey of transformation. It has been awesome to help so many wonderful people, literally find themselves again.

Everyday we hear words like, freedom, confidence and pleasure…

People describe the peace of mind to eat in confidence, freedom to order whatever they like, go anywhere, not run to the bathroom after a meal to clean and re-glue a denture again.

If you have read this far, call us now for a chat, we can tell you what options you have to consider; it will probably be one of the best decisions you ever make!


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