Routine Dental Care and Oral Hygiene

Routine Dental Care and Oral Hygiene

Our philosophy is to care for the whole person, seeing more than just teeth but how oral health and disease fit into people’s overall health, wellbeing and lives. With a patient-centred focus to care, we work hand-in-hand with you to achieve optimum oral health, emphasising prevention as the keystone to overall oral care management.

 We take time to understand our patients’ wants and desires, their fears and motivations. Consequently, patients have individualised, personalised, tailored oral health plans. 

Dental Check-Ups

A regular check-up will allow us to see if you have any dental problems and helps you keep your mouth healthy. Leaving problems untreated could make them more difficult to treat in the future, so it’s best to deal with problems early on, or, if possible, prevent them altogether. 

With prevention being at the forefront of our philosophy we recommend that our patients attend routine check-ups at least once every 6 months. Those with a clean bill of dental health may be advised to see us for a check-up once a year, whilst those showing signs of potential problems or existing dental health issues may be advised to visit the practice more regularly such as every 8 weeks.

What happens during a dental check up?
  • We will examine your teeth, gums and mouth.
  • Ask about your general health and any problems you’ve had with your teeth, mouth or gums since your last visit.
  • Ask about, and give you advice on, your diet, smoking and alcohol use, and teeth-cleaning habits.
  • Discuss a date for your next visit.
Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is something we take very seriously as poor oral hygiene can contribute to a wide range of dental health problems and can even affect your general health.

In addition to following a thorough oral health regime at home, including cleaning teeth properly twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, proper toothbrush and flossing at least once daily, it’s important to visit the hygienist on a regular basis to prevent future problems.

Our experienced and friendly team of dental hygienists and therapists are specially trained to help attain and maintain teeth and gum health. In addition to home tooth and gum maintenance care, regular professional cleaning of plaque and calculus is essential to overall oral health. We also routinely check for mouth for other diseases like early detection of mouth cancer, giving you peace of mind you are in safe hands and can be reassured all is well.