Mark graduates as a Global Scholar in Surgical Leadership

Mark graduates as a Global Scholar in Surgical Leadership

Gosh what a time in Boston, it’s been emotional!!

To graduate from Harvard Medical School becoming a Global Scholar in Surgical Leadership is an absolute honour and privilege rarely bestowed – it‘s not every day you graduate from Harvard University!!

To my fellow classmates, I am humbled to meet you all once again in New York in 2020! Its awesome to have met so many incredible, world-changing Surgeons; to call some of you true friends is the real intangible!!

But most of all I want to say thank you to my mother and father. Without their constant support and guidance I would not be where I am today, would any of us??

I now have my first days off of the year! Some time to gather my thoughts, reflect and plan the next chapter of service! This thing we call life, it has its vicissitudes; you must dive deep within yourself to find the grit, determination and resilience to see things through. You don’t find pearls whilst walking on the beach, you must dive deep to find them…

– Mark Tangri