Mark Tangri attending prestigious SwissPerio Education Week

Mark Tangri SwissPerio Education Week 2

Mark Tangri is one of twenty clinicians attending the prestigious SwissPerio Education Week, 3rd – 9th November 2018, in Zurich, Switzerland, meeting and listening to some of the worlds leading experts on gum disease.

SwissPerio, founded by a group of periodontists, is a training institution and think tank offering tailored education in the domain of periodontics and related fields. All courses and events such as lectures, workshops, discussion groups, clinical clerkships and online activities aim for the prevention and therapy of periodontal and periimplant diseases. For that reason, SwissPerio does not only convey factual knowledge and clinical guidelines but critically evaluates research results and translates them into the language of the clinician.

The Education Week is designed for clinicians who want to acquire in-depth knowledge in periodontal and periimplant diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical as well as nonsurgical approaches. Despite all the recent advancements in dentistry, there is no doubt that the prevalence of gingivitis and periodontitis still remains high, even in industrialised countries. These findings require refocusing on accurate treatment strategies and proper prevention measures in order to restore and/ or maintain periodontal and periimplant health in our patients. But success in both, treatment and prevention, strongly depends on the level of quality.

All the essential steps for an effective and responsible treatment cycle by means of lectures and hands-on exercises are being covered throughout the week. Moreover, special attention will be given to the acquisition of decision-making skills and the technical aspects of modern, minimally-invasive interventions in resective and regenerative surgery. Based on the SwissPerio philosophy in teaching and learning the course will provide a varied, exciting and eventful week of periodontal, implant and surgical education.

The SwissPerio Programme of Events includes:

Sunday – Periodontal Anatomy & Dental Biofilm
– The Mucosa at Teeth and Implants
– Tissue Interactions
– Significance & Formation of Biofilms
– Screening & Examination Protocols

Monday – Epidemiology, Diagnosis & Treatment Strategies
– Prevalence of Periodontal Diseases
– New Classifications
– Mechanical Plaque Control
– Chemical Plaque Control
– Non-Surgical Treatment

Tuesday – Risk Assessment, Reevaluation & Periodontal Surgery
– Single Tooth Prognosis
– Objectives of Surgical Treatment
– Access Surgery
– Osteoplasty & Ostectomy
– Contraindications for Periodontal Surgery

Wednesday – Periodontal Plastic Surgery & Wound Healing
– Quality Management
– Maintenance & Recall System
– Recession Coverage
– Apically Repositioned Flaps
– Soft Tissue Volume Augmentation
– Surgical Complications

Thursday – Periodontal Regeneration
– Biological Backgrounds & Limits of Periodontal Regeneration
– Regenerative Microsurgical Interventions
– Latest techniques in Periodontal Microsurgery
– Cost-Benefit Ratio

Friday – Periimplant Diseases
– Pathogenesis & Diagnosis of Periimplant Infections
– Therapy of Periimplant Mucositis Periimplantitis
– Maintenance & Longterm Results

It promises to be a very interesting week and Mark will be sharing some of the information being presented in follow up articles. For more information on SwissPerio please visit their website here: