Mark Tangri graduates with Merit in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry

Mark Tangri graduates with Merit in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry

A big day yesterday (14th January) at Kings College London where Mark ‘Graduated with Merit in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry‘. Graduating from King’s College London in Conscious Sedation Dentistry is a remarkable achievement that sets the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career.


Diploma in Conscious Sedation Dentistry from King’s College

Conscious Sedation Dentistry is a field that focuses on providing safe and effective sedation techniques to alleviate dental anxiety and improve patient comfort during dental procedures. It involves a comprehensive understanding of sedation medications, patient assessment, monitoring, and emergency management. The diploma signifies a deep commitment to enhancing patient experiences and delivering high-quality dental care.

Over the last 16 years Mark has sedated over 5,000 people and is one of the most experienced in this practice within the West Midlands. Sedation, or Sleep Dentistry as it is also known, is becoming increasingly popular for patients that are anxious or nervous about dental treatment.

Impact on Patient Care

By integrating sedation techniques into their practice, they create a more comfortable and stress-free environment for patients with dental anxiety or phobia. Their expertise enables them to tailor sedation plans to individual patients, ensuring optimal safety and efficacy. By effectively managing patient anxiety, graduates contribute to increased treatment acceptance and better overall oral health outcomes. The course provided a high level of clinical experience in treating patients under sedation in supervised sessions.

Attendees on the course learned basic techniques, with introduction to advanced approaches where required. Both practical and theoretical training was given, from initial assessment and treatment planning to delivery, recovery and discharge, for a variety of sedation techniques for dental treatment.

If you are nervous about Dental Treatment and would like to find out more about Sedation / Sleep Dentistry please contact us here.