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Dangers of Do-it-Yourself Dentistry
DIY or Do-It-Yourself dentistry is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, but it poses a serious risk to dental health. With our practice just
Christmas & New Year Opening Times
Please note the following opening times of the practice over the Christmas and New Year period: Thursday 23rd December: Open until 3pm Friday 24th
What is chronic periodontal disease?
The name “periodontitis” means ‘inflammation around the tooth.” Micro-organisms, such as bacteria, stick to the surface of the tooth and in the pockets surrounding
The association between Periodontitis and Osteoporosis 
It is more than a century that the idea of a possible connection between the mouth and the rest of the body first appeared
Gum disease and arthritis 
Scientists have long been aware of a connection between gum disease and systemic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. A new growing body
The link between gum disease and obesity 
Along with being associated with heart disease, diabetes, and even increased mortality, obesity is also associated with periodontal disease. The link between gum disease
What is oral hygiene?
Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Healthy teeth not only enable
Pregnancy and gum disease 
Pregnancy can lead to dental problems in some women, including gum disease and increased risk of tooth decay. During pregnancy, your increased hormones can
Dental Trauma
Dentists treat all kinds of tooth problems, and your dentist will probably be your first point of call after sustaining any sort of trauma.
Managing toothache at home
With the country gripped by the outbreak of Coronavirus and many dentists closed until further notice a guide has been published for managing toothache
Diabetes and Gum Disease
Did you know that there is estimated to be over 4 million people living with diabetes in the UK at present. This represents 6% of the UK population
Mark Tangri graduates with Merit in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry
A big day yesterday (14th January) at Kings College London where Mark ‘Graduated with Merit in Conscious Sedation for Dentistry’. Over the last 16
Effective prevention of Periodontal diseases
Bleeding gums are not a natural sign and generally indicate poor gum health. This may manifest as blood in your saliva when brushing teeth and
Look after your teeth at Christmas
Now, we’re not one to kill your festive cheer or put a dampener on the incoming Christmas party season, but it would seem putting
Spotting mouth cancer in the early stages
Whilst your dental practitioner will check your mouth thoroughly at each appointment, spotting mouth cancer in the early stages is very important and you
Diagnosis of Mouth Cancer
When either attending your dental check-up or requesting assistance with anomalies that you are unsure about from self-checking, and there is something that causes
The Symptoms of Mouth Cancer
As part of Mouth Cancer Action Month, we are looking at the symptoms of mouth cancer and what you can do to help your dentist
Causes of mouth cancer
November is Mouth Cancer Action Month and here in the first of a series of articles we look at the causes of mouth cancer.
Staff undergo ILS training for medical emergencies
Last weekend (Saturday 26th October), our team underwent Immediate Life Support (ILS) Training at the practice. The Resuscitation Council (UK) Immediate Life Support (ILS)
Invisalign Open Days announced for October 2019
We are pleased to announce our latest set of Invisalign Clear Braces Open Days on Friday 4th, Saturday 5th, Friday 11th and Saturday 12th
Mark graduates as a Global Scholar in Surgical Leadership
Gosh what a time in Boston, it’s been emotional!! To graduate from Harvard Medical School becoming a Global Scholar in Surgical Leadership is an absolute
More than four in ten children have not seen an NHS dentist in the last year
Figures published by NHS Digital show that more than four in ten (41%) children did not see an NHS dentist in the 12 months
Mark Tangri appointed UK Ambassador for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 
I am humbled and honoured  to accept the position of UK Ambassador for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. My role will include
Research shows risks to children’s oral health
Research conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons has shown that there is still work to be done around children’s oral health in the