I highly recommend Mark.
First class by name, first class by nature.
From start to finish, a pain free experience for both my wife and I.
Maureen had tooth ache and we were struggling to get in with any of the local dentists. Within 30 minutes of calling in, Maureen was relieved, pain free and smiling again. Mark is calming, friendly and relaxing. He’s actually quite funny, just my sense of humour. It was because of this that I decided to book back in myself.
I’ve had false teeth for years and years, struggled chewing and tasting my food. Looking back, I just put up with it. I knew I could do something, but time and cost were a problem; also I didn’t have anyone I felt confident in.
It can be embarrassing to talk about it to someone you don’t know.
That was January, I’ve finished my treatment now and as I said I am so happy, I can eat anything I want, I don’t think about it anymore, I just eat. In fact I forget the teeth are false ones, they are so tight in.
I highly recommend anyone to see Mark, my wife was nervous and she feels comfortable now, and my implants were pain free. We are happy.