If any of you are considering cosmetic dentistry I’m going to give a really great review. I’ve hated my teeth for a long time and it pains me to put the before pictures on here I tell you…after having antibiotic stained teeth since a kid and having various dentists put veneers and badly fitted crowns on them…which to be quite frank were pretty damn awful and just a tad better than my own, I got so upset I went to see Dr Mark Tangri who had been recommended. I viewed all his work carefully and decided to go ahead with 8 crowns. Now, these things are not cheap and I wanted the best. Today I went along for the first stage of treatment and I am so glad I chose Mark. Being a health professional myself I could see the exacting standards of hygiene and clinical work applied but not only this, Mark and his lovely staff made me feel really at ease by being personable calming people with brilliant senses of humour. I now have temporary crowns on for a little while as mine are being made…and the temporary ones are just terrible in comparison to the real thing but already so much better than the old ones….I will do a proper before and after reveiw when I get the new ones. I am so, so happy. Thank you Mark