Summer Oral Health

Summer Oral Health

As the heat rises and we protect our skin with sun cream, we must make sure we add our summer oral health into the mix. Research from the Oral Health Foundation has set out guidelines for the best ways to keep your teeth as healthy as your skin.

Barbeques, parties, weddings and festivals are the plans for most of us in these summer months, and as an added bonus, higher levels of sunlight are a great source of Vitamin D which is great for your teeth. Research has shown that an increase in Vitamin D provides a reduction in cases of gum disease, the leading reason for tooth loss in adults. So when the sun comes out, protect your skin but allow vitamins a chance to get to work protecting your mouth. Don’t forget to use SPF factor on your lips too. An area often forgotten, the skin on your lips is sensitive, so needs to be protected from harmful UV rays.

Make sure you stick to your standard oral health routine. Brushing twice a day for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste, followed by interdental care such as flossing. Many of us go down the barbeque route when the sun comes out, so make sure all the meat and starchy foods like bread are removed from your mouth before sleeping.

There are often moments in the summer months, when you are on your way to bed and think that missing your oral care won’t hurt for one night. We do not advise ever missing your teeth cleaning programme. Whilst you are sleeping, harmful particles can begin to break your teeth down and attack your tooth enamel.

Keep yourself hydrated constantly. This is something that we should all do every day regardless. A minimum of two litres a day will keep your mouth, teeth and the rest of your body in top condition.

Treat your teeth the way you would any other valuable part of your body, with care. Your teeth are not a bottle or packaging opener, so don’t treat them as such. A moment of not thinking and maltreating your mouth could end up with painful and potentially expensive remedial work.

Regular trips the dentist will give you more of a chance to keep your mouth in optimum condition, ready for many more summers in the future. Having a good dental healthcare routine, as well as making sure that you account for changes in weather will help your dentist, as well as helping with your overall health and well being.

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