The growing trend of DIY Dentistry

DIY Dentistry

DIY dentistry has been a growing trend as kits have been flooding onto the market for a few years, giving the ability to whiten and straighten teeth at home, without the trip to the dentist. With the flexibility to do it in your own time, your own way and at a much cheaper cost, there is a definite draw to go down the DIY track and showcase your new, beautiful teeth.

The question for dentists remains though. Is this a good thing, or potentially an area where short-term gain could bring further long-term problems?

The media has already reported on some of the dental disasters that have occurred since these kits became more mainstream, and dentists themselves are asking people who are using them to make sure they continue to visit a dentist for regular check-ups.

Oral aesthetics are one thing, but when dealing with something as sensitive, and intricate as straightening teeth, it can be exceedingly easy to cause irreparable damage. At no point would anyone consider realigning a thigh bone at home, and teeth are no different. One of the primary reasons many consider DIY teeth straightening is due to cost, but imagine the bill if your dentist has to rearrange the damage caused by the kit. Damage to your teeth roots, or jaw could create a serious ongoing issue that results in high costs and ongoing pain.

Going through the process of aligning teeth is painstaking and long, but the finished effects are something to look forward to, and the results are much more likely to be long term and impressive if the procedure is overseen and controlled by a qualified dentist.

Dentists and orthodontists spend years studying the biology and physics of the human mouth, and their expert skills are something that cannot be done without. Someone with no architectural knowledge or experience will not succeed at designing a safe building, so it is safe to say that without the proper training they are not a dentist.

Many people in the UK would rather get out the pliers and pull out their own teeth, rather than visit the dentist but this is damaging to dental health, and opens the way for further and quite serious problems.

Gum disease and oral cancer are two of the leading issues that can rear their heads when it comes to the oral health of the UK, and both can be easily spotted by your dentist. These visits in turn means that they can both be picked up in the early stages. With both of these problems early pick up can mean the difference between a whole smile, or losing your teeth and in worse circumstances a section of your jaw or your life.

Before you go down the route of DIY dentistry, speak to your dentist, and at all costs, make sure regular dental checks are in your calendar.

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